M/S Eckerö is operating according to the regular timetable. From 25/3 - 17/6 we don't have any connecting buses to/from Grisslehamn. For information concerning Covid-19,click here!
Bus connections to Grisslehamn

Bus connections to Grisslehamn

With Eckerö Linjens connection buses, you can easyly reach the harbour in Grisslehamn.
Bus + boat r/t  7.60€ /person

Due to the current situation regarding Covid-19 we will cancel all our bus connections to/from M/S Eckerö during the period 25/3 – 17/6. Our plan is to offer bus connections again from 18/6, hopefully earlier if the situation allows. M/S Eckerö operates according to the regular timetable.

For best price – book online!
Price online bus + boat r/t SEK 80.
Price phone booking bus + boat r/t SEK 110, +46 (0) 175-258 00.

Are you unsure which bus to take?
Here you can see a list of all our bus stops. Note that we currently only have connecting buses from Stockholm/Norrtälje, Uppsala, Hofors/Sandviken/Gävle, Köping/Västerås/Enköping, Borlänge/Fagersta/Avesta, Öregrund and Bålsta/Sigtuna/Märsta/Knivsta.

See all regular bus stops, click here


Cityterminalen, Danderyd busstation, Roslags-Näsby, Brottby trafikplats, Campus Roslagen, Norrtälje busstation, Väster Knutby,…

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Uppsala Resecentrum, Hjalmar Brantingsgatan, Gränbystaden, Lindbacken, Rasbo Kyrka, Öster Edinge, Hallstavik, Häverödal, Lindris…

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Hofors, Storvik, Sandviken Resecentrum, Valbo, Gävle Central, Skutskär, Karlholmsbruk, Skärplinge, Tierp järnvägsstation,…

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Köping Gamla Taxi, Hallstahammar bussterminalen, Västerås Resecentrum, Enköping Gamla busstation, Enköping Resecentrum, Örsundsbro

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Fagersta, Norberg, Borlänge, Säter, Hedemora, Avesta busstation, Sala, Heby, Morgongåva, Vittinge Kiosk, Knutbo, Järlåsa.

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Öregrund, Stenskär Vägskäl, Norrskedika, Östhammar busstation, Hökhuvud, Gimo busstation, Hargkorset

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Bålsta/Sigtuna/Märsta Knivsta

Bålsta Talltorpsskolan, Sigtuna busstorget, Märsta Station, Knivsta centrum, Knivsta bussterminal AR/E4, Gunsta skolslinga, Länna…

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