DiscGolf in the archipelago

1 januari 2023 - 31 december 2023
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  • Ferry ticket, passenger and car r/t
  • Accommodation one night in cottage/hotel/guesthouse

Train the "throwing arm" and book a discgolf trip to Åland! Whether you are a beginner or an avid disc golfer, this is for you.

Åland invests in a lot in disc golf and 17 courses are already finished, more are planned! Read more abouth the project at discgolfpark.ax

Disc golf is a perfect activity for both the avid athlete, the group of friends who want to come up with something fun over the weekend, the family with children or why not with your friend. The project to build courses on Åland has been going on for many years and the first course was built on the archipelago island Lappo in Brändö municipality, a perfect course to play when you want to go further out into the archipelago. In Mariehamn, near Västra hamnen, you will fins Badhusparken with its 9-hole course. If you take the car north you will come to Getaberget with beautiful cliffs and views over the sea. Read more abouth the different courses at visitaland.com

How to play
Disc golf is played over 9 or 18 holes and the goal is to get the disc, also called frisbee, in a basket that can be at different distances from the throwing place. As in regular golf, the goal is to get the disc in the basket with as few throws as possible, or PAR. Trowing on the Åland disc golf courses is free. The only thing required is your own discs, wich you can buy in most well-stocked sport shops, even in some grocery stores around Åland. As a first-time player, you do very well with a simple disc, but when you have played a few rounds, you may want to test different types of disc depending on the game situation, such as a lighter disc for the longer throw and perhaps a heavier disc for close throws.

Do you want to try disc golf without buying your own disc?
Do you want to try disc golf during your holiday trip? In that case, you can borrow a disc at Visit Åland's tourist information on Storagatan 8 in Mariehamn, see opening hours here.

Stay where you want!

Around Åland there are cottages, guesthouses and hotels for all tastes and budgets. Familiarize yourself with the accommodation options and book your trip to Åland with us.

Discgolf over the day

You can also go to Åland in the morning and have all day for play and you will be back home at the evening. Within walking distance from Eckerö Linjen harbor is Käringsund DiscGolfPark with its 9 baskets. The distances are short on Åland, so wherever you go by car, you can reach a disc golf course within 30 minutes. Read more and see the map of disc golf courses at discgolf.ax

European Pro Tour at Vesterkalmare DGP

24/7-29/7 2023 European Pro Tour vill be arranged at Åland, read more, click here