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Succesful fishing trips

Price example 135.30€


  • Ferryticket, passenger and car r/t
  • Accommodation in cottage two nights
  • Boat with motor
  • Fishing license
  • 10 l fuel/boat
  • Bedlinen
  • Final cleaning

Åland is a paradise for pike, sea trout and salmon and also for the fisherman.

On Åland there is a varying fishing that suits everyone. Here you can choose between angling with the family, traditional pike fishing and challenging trolling for trout and salmon.

In the spring, it is high season for whitefish and sea trout. When it gets warmer and we approach the summer, it's time to go out on the open sea to fish for silver-shining salmon. From mid-April and well into the autumn, you may be lucky to get the old pike or perch, and in addition, sea trout come closer to the shores when the water is colder.

When fishing on Åland, we always recommend applying Catch and Release. The basic rule is that you should not take home more fish than you intend to eat. If the fish does not reach the minimum size, you are also obliged to release it back into the sea. Read more about the fishing rules on Åland at [visitaland.com] (https://www.visitaland.com/en/do/sport-fishing/){@blank}

We have a large selection of cottages throughout Åland that are suitable for fishing. A boat with motor, bed linen and final cleaning is included. In other words, you can concentrate on fishing and we arrange everything around.

Information about entry to Åland

There are currently restrictions on entry to Åland due to prevailing pandemic.
Read about the current restrictions here

Restaurants at Åland
The Government of Finland has amended the regulations for restaurants. From January 12, 2022, all restaurants on Åland will close at 18.00 (alcohol serving allowed until 17.00). This Regulation applies up to January 31, 2022.