M/S Eckerö is out of traffic 7/1-20/1 2022 due to scheduled drydocking and will operate according to the regular timetable from 21/1 2022.Read more
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Kafé Käringsund and Bistro Byholma

In Kafé Käringsund we have a wide selection of traditional Scandinavian food, salads, coffee, sandwiches, pastries and ice cream.

In Kafé Käringsund you can buy food prepared daily, prawns sandwiches, other sandwiches, buns and pastries from Ålandsbagarn and Ronja's bakery in Grisslehamn. At the departure 08.30 you can also enjoy a good breakfast in the kafé, in addition to sandwiches you can also buy porridge and eggs (45:–) or just enjoy a good cup of coffee (24:- with free refill). The café is open on all departures.

Upstairs is Bistro Byholma we serve burgers. Bistro Byholma is currently closed but you are welcome to sit down and enjoy the voyage.

Eckerö Linjen quality stamp

We are very keen on serving appetising and well-prepared meals.

To ensure quality, we conduct a survey organised by Marknadskraft AB, a research company. In our guest satisfaction survey, the cafeteria received the following ratings in October 2021 with 433 respondents. The scale ranges from 1–6, where 6 is the highest and 1 the lowest.

Was the food appetising and well cooked? 5
Staff response? 5,3

Through Marknadskraft guests anonymity is guaranteed and the investigation is carried out in the correct manner.

Pirate room ship o’skoj

In connection to Kafé Käringsund you will find the Pirate Ship o’skoj playroom with an exciting pirate world for both big and small pirates. Here you will find a pirate ship with steering wheel, real compass and slide – a place for imaginative play. Beside the piretroom you find a balance room where children can climb and explore their limits in balance and skills.

Eckerö Linjen Activity booklet
Do you need a little break for the smallest during the voyage? Then our Activity booklet is definetly something for you! The booklet costs SEK 20 and can be purchased in the Tax Free shop and from the information on board.

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Restaurant Rospiggen

Enjoy delicious food with wines carefully selected to suit each dish. Our à la carte restaurant is the obvious choice for anyone…

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Duty Free Shop

Treat yourself with some shopping in our large and well stocked duty free shop. There is always something for you.

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Buffet Bornholm

Enjoy good food and a milevide sea view. In Buffet Bornholm you can enjoy a rich buffet with delicacies from both forest and sea.

Traditional Meals buffet 22.06€ /person
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