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Mini vacation at Hotel Pommern

Price example 94.20€


  • Ferry ticket, passenger and car r/t
  • Double room one night
  • 3-course dinner
  • Breakfast

*) If you do not want to travel with bus, you can bring your own car for the same price. Free parking at the hotel.

Experience the small town of Mariehamn with the sea around the corner, close to shopping, cozy cafes and many small streets to stroll along.

The city with its 12 000 inhabitants is a lovely little archipelago town where you have walking distance to everything. Torggatan, which is near the hotel, is the city's main street with shops, cafes and restaurants. Feel free to walk around the city and look at the architecture that varies from beautiful skipper houses to modern buildings.

After exploring the city, it's time to settle down in the hotel lobby with a refreshing drink before dinner. The hotel's restaurant, Kvarter 5, which is also mentioned in the Nordic White Guide, invites to varied taste experiences, with dishes based on the new Nordic cuisine. Here you can also look into the open kitchen and follow the chefs' work.

Hotel Pommern has 95 modern and fresh rooms with high comfort and standard. The hotel has meeting rooms, sauna area, lobby and the Kvarter5 restaurant.

Information about entry to Åland

There are currently restrictions on entry to Åland due to prevailing pandemic.
Read about the current restrictions here

Restaurants at Åland
The Government of Finland has amended the regulations for restaurants. From January 12, 2022, all restaurants on Åland will close at 18.00 (alcohol serving allowed until 17.00). This Regulation applies up to January 31, 2022.