Frequently Asked Questions



Contact us

Sverige (Grisslehamn)
tel. 0175-258 00 (private travel) or (group travel)

Åland (Berghamn, Eckerö)

tel. (018) 28 300
tel. internationally 00 358 18 28 300

Head office in Mariehamn
tel. switchboard (018) 28 000
tel. switchboard internationally 00 358 18 28 000


Can I book my trip on the day of departure?
Yes, you can book a day cruise or regular service until 1 hour before departure.

Can I book travel by bus on the day of departure?
Yes from Stockholm and Uppsala, these can be booked up to 4 hours before departure.

Can be booked until 4 hours before departure:

Can be booked until 8 pm the day before departure with ferry at 10 am, until 9 am to ferry departure at 3 pm the same day:

Must my reservation include transportation and meal ticket?
No, passenger tickets are available without meal and transportation.

Can I pre-book travel without paying?
Yes, you can pre-book your trip by phone without paying and make your payment with normal price when checking in.

How late can I change / cancel my trip?
Via the internet, you can change / cancel your trip the day before departure.
Contact us by telephone to change / cancel on the day of departure, telephone 0175-258 00

Do I need to be a registered customer to be able to change / cancel my travels online booking?
No, you can download and modify / cancel your booking with your reservation number and the email address you booked with .

Can I change the online booking for my return trip?
No, call us telephone to change / cancel the return trip, telephone 0175-258 00

Can I book on the internet and change my reservation by phone at EckeröLinjen?
Yes, call our telephone to change / cancel your trip, telephone 0175-258 00


I was going to book accommodation in Åland and go tomorrow. Can I do it via the internet?
No, reservations closer than 2 days before arrival reservation only by phone 0175-258 00/press 2

I want to change my accommodation booking, what do I do?
Accommodation bookings can be changed only by telephone. Contact our booking office in Grisslehamn, telephone 0175-258 00/press 2

When should I expect my confirmation of accommodation?
A confirmation will be sent to your email immediately after booking and payment. If you do not receive a confirmation by mail, the booking is not accepted. Try again or call Eckerö Linjen booking on telephone 0175-258 00

When will I receive the travel documents?
You will receive your invoice & travel information a week before departure. However, if you book & pay via internet 2-13 days before departure, all information and booking confirmation will be sent directly to your email address.