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It is always nice to start planing you trip before departure. What to do, what to see and who you like to travel with. We gladly help you with the planning of your trip.

We are a phone call or a click away, prepared to answer questions and help you book everything from ferry tickets, day cruises, cottages, hotels or a nice package trip to Åland.

Telephone booking Sweden

phone +46 (0)175 258 00
On duty phone in Grisslehamn 070-261 9182 (in case of emergency before ferry departures in the evening).
e-mail: or

Privat travel:
Every day 07.30–18.30

Group travel
Monday – Wednesday 08.00–17.00
Thursday – Friday 08.00–18.30

Accommodation booking for groups closes at 16.00

Telephone booking Åland

phone +358 (0)18 28 300

Every day 08.30–19.30

Find Us

Sweden (Harbour Grisslehamn)

Skatuddsvägen 10
Organization number: 516403-8837

GPS-coordinater to Grisslehamn
Width: 60.09955. Lenght: 18.813516.

Terminal/Check-in opening hours
Every day 08.30-20.00.

Åland (Harbour Berghamn, Eckerö)


GPS-coordinater to Grisslehamn
Width: 60.225366. Lenght: 19.536363.

Terminal/Check-in opening hours
Every day 07.00-18.45

Mainoffice in Mariehamn

Torggatan 2
PB 158
phone +358 (0)18 28 000
Organization number: 1974073-8

The office and telephone exchange is open Monday–Friday at 10.00-16.00.

Local times.