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Fares person and vehicle 17/8 2020-6/1 2021

Person one way SEK EUR
Adult (online booking) 40 3,80
Adult (phone booking) 55 5,25
Children under 18 y.o. FOC(1 FOC(1
Vehicle ticket one way SEK EUR
Car (online booking*) Car Deal Car Deal
Car (phone booking) 160 15,00
Car + trailer, max 10m 240 23,00
Car + trailer over 10m 260 25,00
Car + caravan or camper van max 8m 380 36,00
Car + caravan or camper van over 8m 440 42,00
Motorbike, moped, scooter 110 10,50
Bicycle 40 4,00

Additional +25% charge for vehicles wider than 2.05m

*)Campaign Eckerö Car Deal! You get passenger tickets for free when booking car ticket online.
1)Free in guardian company, otherwise ordinary price.

Meal prices 2020

Archipelago Buffet (26/12–30/12) - -
Price Online 255 24,29
Regular Price 275 26,19
Brunch buffet (10.00-departure. 25/9-19/11) - -
Price Online 150 14,29
Regular Price 170 16,19
Game Buffet (25/9-19/11) - -
Price Online 325 30,95
Regular Price 345 32,86
Christmas brunch (10.00-departure. 20/11-23/12) - -
Price Online 220 20,95
Regular Price 240 22,86
Christmas Buffet (20/11-23/12) - -
Price Online 345 32,86
Regular Price 365 34,76
New Years Buffet (31/12) - -
Regular Price 395 37,62

Archiplago buffet, game buffet, christmas buffet and new years buffet is served every day during specified dates at 13.30-, 15.00- and 18.30-departure.

Price Online referes to when you have made you booking and payed it online before departure, otherwise regular price applies. Children at age 6-17 eats for half price. Children at age 0-5 eats for SEK 10/1 €.

Subject to changes.

Annual card 2020

Adult, boat + bus all lines 798 76,00
Car + up to 9 persons 1302 124,00

If you have a Annual Card for car, you also get 50 % discount on the price of a car with a trailer. You can also use your Annual Card for car if you are traveling by bicycle or motorcycle. The Annual Card is valid during 13 months from registration date. The Annual Card is digital and can be purchased in at our offices in Grisslehamn,Berghamn and Mariehamn.

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Timetable and route

Vilken tid passar det dig att åka på en kryssning eller reguljärresa? Här kan du se M/S Eckerös tidtabell samt övrig info om rutt…

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Bus connections to ferry

With Eckerö Linjens connection buses, you can easy reach Eckerö Linjens harbore in Grisslehamn. We have buses from several…

Bus + boat r/t 7.60€ /person
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