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You can easily book online or contact our telephone booking during our opening hours.

For best price - book online!

Through our online booking, you not only gain access to the best prices for your journey, but you can also easily keep track of the current price in real-time in your shopping cart. If you prefer to book by phone, that option is still available, and you are more than welcome with your questions and bookings!

Passenger Ticket from SEK 100:
The passenger ticket costs only from SEK 100 per person for a one-way voyage when booking online, Setember-December from SEK 90. For bookings of day cruises with connecting bus, see information regarding departures and prices, click here.

Car SEK 310:
Price for vehicles is SEK 310 at every departure during June-August.

During September-December the vehicle prices may vary depending on departure time and day. The most favorable price for a car is Monday to Thursday on all departures, as well as Fridays on departure at 08.00, 10.00, 13.30 and 18.30, Saturdays at 13.30, 15.00, 18.30 and 20.00 and Sundays at 08.00, 10.00, 15.00, and 20.00. Please note that prices may vary during certain weekends and holidays. Check the current price in the shopping cart when booking online or contact our telephone booking.

Motorhome/caravan from 900 SEK
Prices vary depending on departure time and day. During the summer period 1/6–31/8, the price ranges between 900 SEK and 1800 SEK, depending on departure. During the periods 1/9 2024–6/1 2025, the price ranges between 690 SEK and 900 SEK, depending on departure. During theese periods, it is most advantageous to travel on the 08.00 and 20.00 departures. See the current price in the shopping cart when booking online or contact our telephone booking.

Day Cruise, Bus + Ferry round trip from SEK 200
Price September-December from SEK 180. Book a day cruise with Eckerö Linjen! Enjoy great food, fantastic entertainment, and most importantly – the opportunity to travel abroad in just two hours. To the ship, you can easily and comfortably travel with one of our connecting buses. See connecting buses and schedules here

Food & Beverage:
Enjoy something delicious in one of our four restaurants on board, click here to visit our restaurant pages where you'll find current menus and prices. Tasty experiences await!

Freight Bookings:
For questions or bookings regarding industrial and agricultural machinery, trucks, or freight, please contact our telephone booking.

Subject to changes.

Commuter Card and Annual Card 2024

Commuter card for vehicles. With the commuter card for vehicles, you only pay for the car at the time of booking and also receive a 25 % discount on the car price (applies to passenger cars or passenger cars + trailers). Additionally, you get free passenger tickets for all passengers in the car (maximum 9 people). Additionally, it provides free tickets for all passengers in the car, up to a maximum of 9 persons. To calculate whether it's worth getting a Commuter Card, we recommend considering the number of trips you plan to make over 13 months, when you travel (depending on the season and departure times), and how many accompanying passengers will be traveling with you. The commuter card can only be used for one vehicle per departure. The commuter card for vehicles also entitles one person to a free passenger ticket and connecting bus in Sweden.

Commuter card for vehicles (including up to 9 persons): SEK 3000 / EUR 268

Annual Card for passenger ticket and connecting bus gives you free passenger ticket and connecting bus in Sweden for one person, the holder of the card.

Annual Card for passenger ticket and connection bus: SEK 1500 / EUR 134

Student discount! For students, an Annual Card for passenger tickets and connecting buses is available at a reduced price and can only be purchased at our offices upon presentation of a valid student certificate. Price: SEK 1050 / EUR 94

Purchase your digital commuter card/annual card online
Log in to your customer account, navigate to "My customer account," and click on "Purchase card." If you don't have a customer account, you can easily create one on our website or at any of our offices. After completing the purchase, the card is automatically registered to your profile, and you will receive your discount when booking. Remember to log in to your profile when booking.

Payment at the time of booking:
The boat trip is paid for at the time of booking online or by phone. You can pay with Swish, credit card, or direct bank transfer (direct bank transfer not possible for phone bookings).

All cards are digital, personalized, and valid for 13 months. The validity period is activated at the first booking occasion. To book a car ticket, you must be at least 18 years old. Therefore, the minimum age requirement for the Commuter Card for vehicles is also 18 years. The cardholder must be present during the trip. If you have an active Annual Card, your existing benefits will remain until the card's validity period expires.

Information regarding the EU's regulations affecting passenger shipping

The EU has implemented new regulations to promote the green transition and combat climate change. These regulations also impact maritime shipping and require adjustments. One of these new EU regulations, known as the EU Emissions Trading System (ETS), mandates that shipping companies must annually purchase and surrender emission allowances corresponding to the amount of greenhouse gases their vessels have emitted, starting from 2024.

The EU's ETS rules are progressively tightened. By 2025, Eckerö Linjen is expected to pay for 40% of the greenhouse gas emissions generated in 2024. In 2026, this increases to 70% of the emissions from 2025, and from 2027 onwards, emission allowances for 100% of the vessel's greenhouse gases must be surrendered.

We at Eckerö Linjen have long been working hard to minimize greenhouse gas emissions. Today, we run the ship on low-sulfur marine diesel. We strive to minimize fuel consumption in various ways and connect to shore power at night when not in transit. We operate the shortest route across the Åland Sea. Unfortunately, we won't be able to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to zero with current technology and traditional fuels. Therefore, starting from January 2024, we must include the costs of purchasing emission allowances in the travel fare. Our goal is to invest in new technology and infrastructure to eventually achieve zero emissions of greenhouse gases from our vessel.

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