M/S Eckerö is operating according to the regular timetable. From 25/3 - 17/6 we don't have any connecting buses to/from Grisslehamn. For information concerning Covid-19,click here!
Timetable and route

Timetable and route

M/S Eckerö traffic daily between Grisslehamn in Roslagen and Eckerö at Åland, the voyage only takes 2 hours route.

Timetable until 6/1 2022

Grisslehamn-Eckerö Every day Every day Thurs-Sun also
Ferry departure from Grisslehamn 10.00 15.00 20.00
Ferry arrival in Eckerö 13.00 18.00 22.45
Eckerö-Grisslehamn Every day Every day Fri-Mon also
Ferry departure from Eckerö 13.30 18.30 08.30
Ferry arrival in Grisslehamn 14.30 19.30 09.15

No traffic
From Grisslehamn Friday 25/6 at 20.00. From Eckerö Saturday 26/6 at 08.30.

Docking 2022
No traffic due to docking between January 7–20, 2022

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