The weekend 24-26/9, many dogs can travel with us due to a large dog show on Åland.Read more
M/S Eckerö is operating according to the regular timetable. For information about traveling during the pandemic,click here
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Timetable and route

M/S Eckerö traffic daily between Grisslehamn in Roslagen and Eckerö at Åland, the voyage only takes 2 hours route.

Time table until 6/1 2022

10.00 (arrival 13.00)
15.00 (arrival 18.00)
Thursday – Sunday
even 20.00 (arrival 22.45)

13.30 (arrival 14.30)
18.30 (arrival 19.30)
Friday – Monday
even 08.30 (arrival 09.15)

No Departures
24-25/12 2021, all departures
26/12 2021, 08.30 from Eckerö and 10.00 from Grisslehamn
1/1 2022, 08.30 from Eckerö and 10.00 from Grisslehamn

Docking 2022
No traffic due to docking between January 7–20, 2022

Local times.

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Are you going by bus to the boat, boarding or taking the car? Here you can see all our ticket prices.

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Travel safe with us!

We want you to be able to enjoy a safe journey with us and have taken a number of measures for you and our staff's safety. Read…

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Bus connections to Grisslehamn

With Eckerö Linjens connection buses, you can easily reach the harbour in Grisslehamn. We have buses travelling from several…

Bus + boat r/t 7.60€ /person
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