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Cookie Policy

Cookies and similar techniques
At Eckerö Linjen AB (“Eckerö Linjen”) we use cookies and similar techniques (jointly called ”cookies”) on our website and in our services, in order to improve your experience. We use cookies to simplify and customise our services, such as when you log in. Below, we explain in more detail how we use cookies and which choices you can make concerning our cookies. In accordance with the Swedish Act (2003:389) on Electronic Communication, below we inform you of how we use cookies, so that you can assess whether or not you wish to consent to cookies.
Please also see Eckerö Linjen’s Integrity Policy concerning handling of your personal data.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small text files containing information that are downloaded to or stored on the user’s computer or other device used to access our website. These are placed by Eckerö Linjen or one of our partners, and saved on your device. Cookies are used to make websites function more effectively by e.g. simplifying log-in and in order to give certain information to the owner concerning how the website is used.

Which types of cookies and similar techniques does Eckerö Linjen use?
We use various different cookies:
• Session cookies, which are temporary cookies that are deleted when you close your web browser or app. We use session cookies to, among other things, determine which language you have selected.
• Permanent cookies, i.e. cookies that remain on your computer until you remove them, or they expire. How long a permanent cookie is stored depends on the specific cookie’s lifetime and the settings in your web browser. We use permanent cookies to, among other things, make it easier to log in.
• First-party cookies are cookies we have added to the website that you visit, i.e. Eckerö Linjen.
• Third-party cookies are cookies added by another party. These cookies may be used by the third party to track your browsing pattern between different websites, or to view your web history, e.g. for statistical purposes.

Why do we use cookies?
Eckerö Linjen uses cookies for several reasons. The cookies which we use normally improve the services we offer to you. Some of our services actually need cookies in order to function, while others exist in order to make our services more accessible to you. In general, we categorise our cookies and their use as follows:
• Necessary cookies, i.e. cookies required to be able to offer our basic services, e.g. log-in. Our services would not be able to function without these cookies.
• Analysis cookies that provide overall analytical information concerning your use of our services. Our services would not function properly without these cookies.
• Function cookies that enable us to save such settings as the language chosen, or whether to pre-complete your personal details or not. Without these types of cookies, we would not be able to customise our services to your requirements. These cookies are important, since a fundamental aspect of our service is that you experience them to be as simple and flexible as possible.
• Security cookies to keep our services and your data safe and secure, by helping us to discover fraud and protect your data. These cookies are an important part of our services.

How can you control Eckerö Linjen's use of cookies?
Your web browser or device usually allows you to change the settings for the use and extent of cookies. Go to your web browser or device settings to learn more about adjusting cookies settings. You can e.g. set your web browser to automatically refuse to save cookies, or to get information whenever a website requests to save cookies. Previously saved cookies can also be deleted via the web browser. See the web browser’s help pages for more information.
Remember that some of our services will not function as well, or will not function at all, if you block or delete cookies.

Your rights
If we process your personal data in conjunction with our use of cookies, such as data concerning your IP address, as a user you have certain rights. You can e.g. request details of which personal data we process. If you believe that we process your personal data on an unauthorised basis, you are also entitled to complain to the Swedish Data Protection Authority (Datainspektionen). See more about your rights concerning processing of personal data in our Integrity Policy.

Changes in our cookie policy
Eckerö Linjen may update this policy by publishing changes on our website. If we need your consent, we will request this the next time you visit the website. Date of the last amendment is 2018-07-05.

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