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M/S Eckerö's chef Jocke really loves his Åland - here is everything for a good holiday! Cottages, hotels, fishing, golf, and lots to see and do for both old and young. Celebrate your vacation at Åland this year!

Children and family

Book online img stuga sommar

Cozy cottage vacation

Experience Åland with your family or friends! Book your favorite cottage and cuddle with the family for a few days, or why not…

Price example cottage 2815:– /4 persons, weekend
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Book online img karingsund rc

ÅL-inclusive at Käringsund

Spend some wonderful ÅL-inclusive days on Åland this summer! Stay in comfortable cottages, enjoy good food in the resort's…

Price example 7243:– /2 adults + 2 children
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Book online img mariebad (1)

Children's Mariehamn with adventure pool Mariebad

Take the family to the leisure pool Mariebad in Mariehamn. Take a ride in the water slide, test the stream canal and just enjoy…

Price example 2446:– /4 persons
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Book online img smartpark flickor

Children's Eckerö with Smart Park

Visit the family park where playful learning is the big focus. Test electric cars, excavators, ride an old-fashioned carousel,…

Price example 2920:– /4 persons
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Book online img bjorkliden omrade (1)

Take the bus to Björkliden cottages and get a 15% discount

Do you travel without a car? No problem, now you can book a cottage by the sea and take a bus all the way, in addition you get a…

Price example 2 nights 1046:– /person
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Book online img sparklaserarena (1)

Children's Eckerö with Spark Laser Arena

Spark Laser Arena at Smart Park is an attraction that can be played in teams or individually and each player should try to get as…

Price example 2339:– /4 persons
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Book online img palleralla (2)

Playland and adventure pool in Mariehamn

Combine the best of both worlds. Visit the playground Palleralla with sea ball and slides and end at the leisure pool Mariebad…

Price example 2971:– /4 persons
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Book online img palleralla tunnel

Palleralla – If the children get to choose

Book the most fun trip to Åland and visit Palleralla, a playland outside of Mariehamn that children are going to love.

Price example 2166:– /4 persons
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Book online img viltsafari (1)

Children's Eckerö with Game Safari

The savannah can be felt far away, but it is closer then you think. In Käringsund in Eckerö, there is a huge game enclosure on 32…

Price example 2145:– /4 persons
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For the active

img alandevent triathlon

Sport events and run races

Welcome to Åland and challenge yourself, participate in the summer and autumn's running races and competitions. How about the…

Price example weekend 1530:– /4 persons cabin
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img agk nya2021 (3)

Great game on Slottsbanan 2.0 at Åland GK

Book your summer golf trip now! With two 18-hole courses, Slottsbanan and Kungsbanan and the short-hole course Prinsessan, Ålands…

Price example 2 days 2367:– /person
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img eckerogolf bana

Golf package to Eckerö Golf

The rebuilt 18-hole course is situated only five kilometers from Eckerö Linjen's harbor. It´s so close that you can go play golf…

Price example 1 day 588:– /person
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Book online img fiske (6)

Succesful fishing trips

Åland is a paradise for pike, sea trout and salmon and also for the fisherman. The package includes ferry tickets, accommodation…

Price example 1788:– /person
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img cykelpaket

Bicycle packages for all ages

Short distances, few slopes and the closeness to the sea, Åland is made for a cycling holiday! Our comfortable bike package…

Price example 3 days 4034:– /person
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Book online img disc1

DiscGolf in the archipelago

Train the "throwing arm" and book a discgolf trip to Åland! Whether you are a beginner or an avid disc golfer, this is for you.

Price example 456:– /person
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Book online img mc

See Åland by car or motorcycle

Drive along the quiet roads through beautiful scenery and quaint villages at The Åland Islands. Package includes ferry tickets,…

Price example 415:– /person
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Book online img vandring-bomarsund

Hike long or short trails

The hiking trails offer varied nature where the surroundings quickly change from desolate forest to ancient monuments or miles of…

Price example 441:– /person
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Relaxation and good food

Book online img nautical (1)

5-course dinner at Natical restaurant

In the western harbor, on top of the Maritime Museum with the sailing ship Pommern as a neighbor, you will find the restaurant…

Price example 1684:– /persons
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Book online img lillsemester savoy

Mini vacation at Hotel Savoy

Book a short holiday to Mariehamn and stay at Hotel Savoy in the middle of the town. The package includes a 3-course dinner.

Price example 860:– /person
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Book online img romantisktpaket

Romantic short holiday at Eckerö Hotel

Bring your other half and treat yourself to a relaxing romantic short holiday at Eckerö Hotell.

Price example 1660:– /person
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Book online img pommern lillsemester spegelvand

Mini vacation at Hotel Pommern

Experience the small town bustle in Mariehamn and book a nice little holiday where travel, accommodation and a 3-course dinner…

Price example 960:– /person
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Book online img park-(6)

Enjoy the good things in life at Park Alandia Hotel

Take a break from everyday life and treat yourself to a short holiday on Åland. With Park Alandia Hotel's advantageous dinner…

Price example 1068:– /person
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Book online img eckerohotell (7)

Good tastes at Eckerö Hotel

Spend a relaxing day on the sunny side of Eckerö where you live comfortably in the hotel and enjoy a tasty 2-course dinner in the…

Price example 1211:– /person
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Other trips

Åland 100 years! img aland100 hela-ny

Lots of tips for your trip

Åland turns 100 yo on June 9th! During the year, we will celebrate with lots of Åland tips on activities and attractions.

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img vikingamarknaden

Events at Åland

Markets, theaters and much more - the summer is indeed the time where most events happen but it happens a lot of fun even in…

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img todoaland

Traveling without car?

With To Do Åland´s travel planner you easily can plan your trips with bus and archipelago ferries.

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