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Important travel information


Passengers under the age of 18 must be present with a parent or legal guardian. We make an exception if a minor is traveling with a letter from legal guardian or parents stating the reasons and information. The trip is made on the basis of study, work, family visits or similar. You can find the letter of consent here and available at our sales office. Exceptions are also given for youth groups traveling together with conductors, such as sports and school groups.

Proof of identity

Please note that passengers must have a valid form of identity that includes a photograph (passport, ID card) when traveling and be able to produce it on demand. Children and young people under the age of 18 traveling accompanied by a parent or legal guardian, who can provide a valid form of identity card with a photograph, are exempt from this requirement.

Citizens of the Nordic countries are not required to have a passport for travels between the Nordic countries. For citizens of other countries a passport may be required. All passengers must however be able to prove their identity with a valid ID with photo.
Regular controls are held according to the ISPS rules or International Ship and Port Facility Code that the International Maritime Organization IMO has drawn up for increased safety.

Eckerö Linjen reserves the right to refuse boarding of passengers who lack valid travel documents.

Information on tickets & travel

To guarantee a spot on the ship, we recommend that all pre-book the trip either via the web booking or via phone (+46 (0)175-258 00). Upon checking in, indicate the booking number in order for the tickets to be validated. All guests must be recorded; the information required from all guests: name, date of birth, nationality and any disability.

NOTE! Motorists should be in the harbor and checked in 30 minutes before departure. Unreserved spots are available if possible. While driving on board, the driver must be alone in the car while other passengers if any walk on board via sky way. It is not permitted to remain on the car deck during the trip. Motorist must appear in the harbor 30 minutes before departure. Travel agent tickets must be validated for boarding cards. All times are local. Reservation for time, price and timetables are subject to change.

Instructions for MC on the car deck

Motorcycles must be placed along the outside of the ship on the lower car deck. When you come to your designated place, put it in first gear and extend the side stand. Do not place the center stand during the journey. At the site you will find custom strings for you to tie your MC during the trip to avoid any damages.

We would recommend for you to place the gloves on the saddle if you do not intend to bring it on the boat, place the string over them and tie it into the foot peg or frame. You can also pull the string to the handlebar or any other suitable location depending on the model. The crews are able to offer you any kind of help if necessary. Upon arrival – do not start the motorcycle before any given instructions or clearance.

Customs Regulations

Duty-free import rules

Conditions of carriage

The Company disclaims any responsibility to the extent applicable maritime law allows.
The ship’s liability for injury to passengers and damage or loss of luggage or other goods seized for promotion, is maximized in accordance with maritime law provisions.

Carrier reserves the right to carry cargo on deck.

Passengers are solely the maximum deductibles as mentioned in the applicable maritime law.
Familiarize yourself with the CSO general conditions of carriage.
Entering Åland non -Nordic citizens
Nordic citizens do not need visas. For current visa rules for non -Nordic citizens, contact the Finnish Embassy in Stockholm, tel. +46 (0) 8-67 6 67 00

Disability and Special Needs

Plan your trip and let us know in advance upon your wishes, as well as any mobility equipment or medical equipment you plan to bring so Eckerö Linjen can organize the most appropriate assistance based on your needs.

If you are impaired mobility and require special demands while traveling, you must state this when booking. If your health is compromised due to illness, you should pre-trip; consult your physician to rule out any barriers to travel.

Under EU rules, people with reduced mobility right to accompany if reservation made at least 48 hours before scheduled departure. Check when booking how long before departure you need to be in the terminal. PCA performed by the CSO staff.
Book a PCA if you:
• Not have a PCA or personal assistant with you
• Need special service to get to and from the ship and to get on board
• Use portable oxygen equipment
• Wheelchair user
• Have visual or hearing impairments and need immediate information & assistance
Included assistant

Eckerö Linjen can offer assistance to persons with reduced mobility traveling with someone who can assist during the trip. An accompanying assistant shall provide necessary assistance in the terminal and with embarking and disembarking. A pick up-point/ is inside the terminal, next to the information desk.

You will be met by at the pick up-point from which you will be escorted through security and on to embarkation. You need to be at the pickup point 30 minutes prior to departure unless otherwise agreed at time of booking. The companion helps you on board.

On board the ship, the shipping company is responsible for the safety all on board. Any types of special rules for evacuation and more are determined by the PCA.

The ship has elevator and tools for immobile persons in public areas.
On deck 6 is a public disabled toilet.

Upon arrival – Assistants will meet up at the information Upon arrival of the vessel meets escorts up at the ship’s reception and assists to the pick- up point at the output from the terminal.

Commander’s discretionary powers

All passengers and crew on board is of utmost importance. To maintain security, the right to review travel authorization and use of companion master of the vessel.


On board, you can switch SEK and euro. You can pay for your purchases with online debit card and Swedish bank card functions as a means of payment. There is an ATM in Grisslehamn, to the right of the entrance to the terminal.
In Åland, you can pay with the euro, Swedish kroner and credit cards.

NOTE Check with your bank if your debit card is viable abroad.

Time differences

Time difference between Sweden and Finland is one hour. When it is 11:00 in Sweden is 12 o’clock in Åland.


You are allowed to bring pets between countries when animals have ID tag , pet passport , rabies vaccination , deworming tapeworm ( echinococcosis ) and are dewormed against tape worms veterinary 1-5 days prior to departure (including day of cruise ) . Contact your veterinarian well in advance of departure (minimum 1 month). Check the relevant provisions of entry / re-entry to the Åland Islands in Food Safety Authority Elvira, tel 00358-20690999 and entry / re-entry into Sweden Board of Agriculture, Tel. 036-15 50 00

Pets may be carried on the shuttle bus only if you have it in a basket or bag in your lap. Owner is responsible for the animal does not disturb others, and place designated in the back of the bus due to any allergies. Guide dogs are excepted from the rule.
Pets on board the M/S Eckerö

On board M/S Eckerö there are special places where pets may be present, these sites are at the sofas in the information area, marked tables at the back of the cafeteria and out on deck. Pets left in vehicles during the boat trip will be on the owners responsibility. Doors to the car deck are closed after departure and will be opened again at arrival. Please remember that the temperature on the car deck can be very high during summer time. Responsibility for the pet rests with the owner and they must always be leashed when they are on board.

Parking in Grisslehamn

At your disposal is a special parking privilege at our terminal in Grisslehamn. Parking costs 10 sek for 8 hours and 20 sek for 24 hours.

Non smoking

Eckerö Linjen ships are non-smoking area. Smoking is permitted outside on the deck.

Nut allergy

Please note that we are selling peanuts and nut mix on board.

Customs Clearance

All customs clearance for Swedish account occurs at Eckerö Customs Station, for more info see

Maritime safety

The boat trip takes two hours and is partially closed waters; you have land in sight at all times. If conditions require we try to travel without delays. We have the ability to choose different lanes for different weather conditions. No traffic at night. Our ship has been inspected and approved by both the Swedish and Finnish maritime authorities. From the ship’s bridge we have visual watch over the ship’s bow door and additionally video monitoring and alarm of the same. The crew of the Swedish language and safety information is in Swedish. Safety training is carried out continuously every week and regularly during navigation control of authorities.

Order and security

The ship’s master, or his designee, has the right to refuse to carry passengers who disturbs the order and safety of the ship. Passengers should follow the appropriate rules that are posted on board and in the terminal and any instructions from the crew.
Food, with the intention to be consumed on board in the ship’s restaurants is not permitted without crew’s permission. Baby food and special diets for special allergies may be brought on board.

Passengers may not bring alcohol or other drugs on board. It is not permitted to bring any types of alcoholic beverages on board; it is allowed to be purchased in the ship’s duty-free shop. Passengers who are intoxicated or who disrupts order on board may be turned away from the ship

Passengers are not permitted without special permission to bring weapons, equipment, or other objects that could endanger passengers, crew or ship. Passengers are required to provide upon request to produce objects that could endanger order and security on board, the crew will keep the equipment’s for storage during travel. Passengers at the request do not show the content of luggage may be denied on board the ship. Passengers are not entitled for a refund of the ticket price, including any right to compensation for any costs which it incurs due to deportation.

Order and security in connecting buses

The above rules also apply to passengers on board our shuttle buses. The driver has the right to refuse passengers who disrupt the order. Connection bus can only be used in connection with vessel trip.

Booking terms

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