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Group Travel

Åland is a wonderful place to experience and get to know, discover the history of the island and enjoy the beautiful archipelago nature. We at Eckerö Linjen help you arrange and book the group trip that suits your group.
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Åland over a day

See the best of Åland Island for a day with sights such as maritime city of Mariehamn, Kastelholms castle, the Bomarsund fortress…

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Bridgecruise on M/S Eckerö

Go on a bridgcruise to Åland Islands with Eckerö Linjen! Eat good, relax and play bridge among with good friends. Our package…

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Art trip with overnight stay

A trip to the maritime city of Mariehamn on the theme of art. Immerse yourself in Åland's unique maritime history with diversity…

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Art of the day

Visit the Önningeby museum with painting made by Elin Danielsson and J.A.G. Acke. Artists presented include Vivi Munsterhjelm,…

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Åland in three days

Åland contains many attractions and an exciting history. Here you can visit, among others, Kastelholms castle and the maritime…

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Åland your way

Do you prefer traveling with a group but want to explore the destination by yourself? Here we can help you with ferry,…

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Historical Åland

A trip filled with the history of Åland Islands. We visit, among other things, Eckerö Post & Tullhouse from the beginning of the…

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Tips on activities

Our talented sellers know Åland Island and are glad to help you with activities and sights you must see when you book your trip.…

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Bouletrip to Åland

Gather the entire boulecrew and go to Åland Islands over a day. Here are great opportunities for boule. If you want to wtay…

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