M/S Eckerö is operating according to the regular timetable. For information about traveling during the pandemic,click here.
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Cruise host entertains

Our cruise hosts are on board all summer and entertain you with music, quizzes and lots of fun.

Spend a nice day on the Åland Sea, the journey takes only 2 hours one way. On board you can spend time in many fun ways. Enjoy good food in one of our restaurants or a good drink on the sun deck.

Our cruise hosts are on board all summer and entertain you with music, quizzes and lots offun. Below you can see which of our cruise hosts are on board when traveling with us.

Cruise host during summer

Week 31: P-A Forsén

Thursday: Olle Eilestam

Week 32: Mats Larsson
Week 33: Mats Larsson & P-A Forsén
Week 34: Lennart "Lelle" Eriksson & Jampa Jansson
Week 35: Mats Larsson & P-A Forsén

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Duty Free Shop

Treat yourself with some shopping in our large and well stocked duty free shop. There is always something for you.

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Travel safe with us!

We want you to be able to enjoy a safe journey with us and have taken a number of measures for you and our staff's safety. Read…

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Restaurant Rospiggen

Enjoy delicious food with wines carefully selected to suit each dish. Our à la carte restaurant is the obvious choice for anyone…

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Bus connections to Grisslehamn

With Eckerö Linjens connection buses, you can easily reach the harbour in Grisslehamn. We have buses travelling from several…

Bus + boat r/t 10.50€ /person
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Archipelago buffet

Enjoy the Archipelago buffet with lots of Swedish and Åland delicacies such as creamy salmon, "black" bread, Musko sausages, veal…

Price online 25.98€ /person
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Welcome on board

Take a day off and book a day at sea! The ferry between Eckerö and Grisslehamn takes only two hours, on board you can enjoy good…

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With caravan to Åland

Åland is close - only 2 hours boat trip from Sweden! Åland offers beautiful nature, lovely beaches and activities for the whole…

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