Hem Konferensresor Meeting room on board
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Meeting room on board


  • Bus and ferry ticket round trip
  • Meal on board
  • Meeting room one way
Price example 520:– /person

Our meeting rooms with sea views add some extra spice to the creativity. On board you can enjoy good food, do some shopping in duty-free shop Magasin Märket and enjoy the lovely sea view.

Breaking the booring everyday life and going on adventures is something that most of us dream about from time to time. Sometimes you just need to get out of the daily office life and get away on something that is both relaxing and inspiring. A trip to Åland can be just what you and your company need to get a fresh start and a much-needed break from everyday routines.

M/S Eckerö offers a fantastic opportunity to experience the archipelago and Åland in a relaxed and entertaining way. The ferry departs from Grisslehamn in Roslagen, and with connecting buses that take you comfortably to and from the port, the whole journey will be smooth and easy. You won't have to worry about finding parking or getting to the port on your own – instead, you can just sit back and enjoy the ride.

When you step on board M/S Eckerö, a full day of adventure awaits. On board you will find all the amenities you could wish for, from restaurants and a café where you can enjoy good food and drinks to the shop where you can shop for jewelry, cosmetics, drinks and sweets. Whether you're looking for relaxation and tranquillity or activities and entertainment, there's something for everyone on board!

Good and well-prepared food on board

We pay great importance to ensuring that the food we serve in our restaurants on board M/S Eckerö should offer you an exceptional taste experience. Our dedicated team works closely with local producers and we strive to use ingredients that are native to our local region, more specifically in Roslagen and Åland. Our menu is always adapted to seasonal ingredients and is prepared with care. Every dish we create on board is a manifestation of our passion for cooking and our goal is to give you that extra loving preparation that makes every meal memorable.

Meeting room with sea view

Our meeting rooms with sea views inspire both productivity and creativity. The sea view is also perfect for short breaks to avoid monotony and stress that can arise during long work meetings. A short break to look out over the ocean can be refreshing and give participants new energy and clarity.

Connecting bus to Grisslehamn
Departure from Grisslehamn at 10.00
Meeting on board, 2 hours
Dining at 12.30
Arrival in Grisslehamn at 14.30
Connecting bus back home

In the conference rooms "Båtsman" and "Jungman," there is modern conference equipment including a screen with casting capabilities, notepads, and pens. In "Styrman," there is a projector/PC setup, tv, whiteboard, flip chart, notepads, and pens. Feel free to book catering for the conference room.

We recommend you to book the conference room also on the return voyage
- Styrman (max 12 persons) room rent SEK 500/one way
- Jungman (max 20 persons) room rent SEK 800/one way (not bookable 26/4-31/8)
- Båtsman (max 50 persons) room rent SEK 1200/one way (not bookable 26/4-31/8)
- Jungman + Båtsman (max 80 persons) room rent SEK 2000/one way (not bookable 26/4-31/8)