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Pleasant M/S Eckero

Eckerö Linjen operates the shortest route across the Åland Sea, the journey takes only two hours per way.

The Baltic Sea's most beautiful islands invites you with open arms at a comfortable distance, just a two-hour pleasant ferry trip from Grisslehamn in Roslagen to Eckerö on Åland.

The journey already begins on board the ship! Here you can enjoy good food in one of the ship's four restaurants, a refreshing drink in bar Klubb Kuling or shopping at favorable prices in duty-free shop Magasin Märket. In the bar, our cruise hosts entertain with quizzes and live music every day of the week, and on the weekends party bands and troubadours entertains.

M/S Eckerö is 121,2 meters long, 24,8 meters wide and can take 1635 guests and 200 cars. Below you can read more about the restaurants, the entertainment, the duty-free shop, bus connections and prices.

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On the sea of ​​Åland, you can enjoy wonderful tunes every day of the week by our cruise hosts, guest artists such as troubadours…

Bus + boat r/t 130:– /person
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Start the journey by eating good food made from local ingredients in one of our restaurants on board M/S Eckerö.

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Duty Free Shop

Treat yourself with some shopping in our large and well stocked duty free shop. There is always something for you.

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Are you going by bus to the boat, boarding or taking the car? Here you can see all our ticket prices.

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Bus connections to Grisslehamn

With Eckerö Linjens connection buses, you can easily reach the harbour in Grisslehamn. We have buses travelling from several…

Bus + boat r/t 130:– /person
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Timetable and route

Which time would you like to go on a cruise or regular trip? Here you can see Eckerö Linjens timetable as well as other info…

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Meeting room on board

On board M/S Eckerö we have meeting rooms for groups up to 80 persons. We suggest to have the meeting on one way and to enjoy…

Price example 430:– /person
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Restaurant Rospiggen

Enjoy delicious food with wines carefully selected to suit each dish. Our à la carte restaurant is the obvious choice for anyone…

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Buffet Bornholm

Enjoy good food and a milevide sea view. In Buffet Bornholm you can enjoy a rich buffet with delicacies from both land and sea.

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Kafé Käringsund and play ground

In Kafé Käringsund we serve traditional Scandinavian food, shrimp sandwiches, barbeque meals, pastries, coffee and ice cream.

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Bistro Byholma

In Bistro Byholma, upstairs from Kafé Käringsund, hamburgers and sirloin steak are served, as well as coffee and cold drinks.

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