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Restaurant Rospiggen

Our à la carte restaurant is the obvious choice for you who wants to enjoy that little extra.

Treat yourself and enjoy a taste experience beyond the ordinary! Our chefs use local ingredients according to the season and your waiter will help you find the best wine for it. We are proud that the basis of our cooking consists of ingredients from small-scale producers in Roslagen and on Åland.

For the chefs on board M/S Eckerö, there is an early start every morning to prepare the food to be served during the day. But no matter what time of the day you enter the kitchen, you are always greeted by scents from something that is simmering in the pots in the kitchen. Most of what is served in the restaurants is made from scratch on board, everything from funds to slow cooked meals.

In the restaurant you can choose from our delicious à la carte menu, se meny here at the top of the page. In addition to the ordinary menu, a precompsed chefs choise "menu of the week" with starter, maincourse and dessert is served.

Pre-book a table until the day before departure. To book a table, you pay 100:–/10 € per person at the time of booking and you will receive a voucher at check in. The voucher is considered as partial payment and the amount is deducted from your restaurant bill. Everyone in your company needs to be booked, even children.

See opening hours here

Childrens menu

There is also a special menu for the children. See menu here

Eckerö Linjen quality stamp

We are very keen on serving appetizing and well-prepared meals.

To ensure quality, we conduct a survey organised by Marknadskraft AB. In our guest satisfaction survey, the restaurant received the following ratings in August 2023 from 429 respondents. The scale ranges from 1–6, where 6 is the highest and 1 the lowest .

Was the food appetizing and well cooked? 88 % has rated the restaurant with a 5 or 6
Staff response? 93 % has rated the restaurant with a 5 or 6

Through Marknadskraft guests anonymity is guaranteed and the investigation is carried out in the correct manner.

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