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Golf travel for groups

Golf package two days - Ålands Golf Club

  • Car- and ferryticket r/t with Eckerö Linjen
  • Brunch on board
  • Accommodation at Kastelholm Guesthouse
  • Breakfast
  • 2 x greenfees (Slottsbanan and Kungsbanan)
  • Archipelago buffet on board
  • Booking fee

Price example according to 10 persons

Price example 2 days 3554:– /person

Take your golfing friends with you and book a wonderful golf trip to Åland. On Åland there are two golf facilities, Åland Golf Club and Eckerö Golf with a total of three 18-hole courses and one short-hole course.

Åland Golf Club

For two years, Ålands Golfklubb has been rebuilding there 18-hole course Castle Corse (Slottsbanan), and in the summer of 2020, the completely renovated course opened. The course has also been chosen as one of the playing courses for a sub-competition of the Ladies European Tour which will be played in the autumn of 2022, the course will thus become a championship course.

The club hired Danish course architect Philip Spogárd who developed a new master plan for the course.

  • Spogárd stated that they should use the bay Slottsundet, which the track runs along in a better way. He planned the course so that the water gets a much bigger part in the game than before, says Åsa Nordström at Ålands Golfklubb.
    As an example, Nordström mentions new holes 9 and 10 which are located right next to Slottsundet. There you can - if you dare - cross the water to shorten the distance to the flag.

  • Another big difference is that you can now see the sea from all 18 holes. There are also many places on the course where you have an absolutely fantastic view of the medieval Kastelholm Castle on the other side of the bay. We really benefit from our unique environment to 110 percent after the renovation, says Åsa Nordström, former club director at ÅGK.

Tactics become more important
Only one of the 18 new holes on Castle Course is located on land where there was no golf course before. The other holes have been planned where the old course was, but still the change is huge.

  • In some cases, two old holes have been merged and become a new longer hole, and in some cases an old long hole has become two shorter holes. In some cases, you play the holes from a different direction than before. New tees and more undulating greens have been built and the opportunities for tactics have become greater. You can play the same hole in several different ways depending on how good you are as a golfer, says Nordström.
Course information

Two 18-hole courses, the newly renovated Castle Course/Slottsbanan, Kungsbanan and the short-hole course Prinsessan with 6 holes.

The Castle course is a park course and is considered one of Finland's best courses. The track runs along the water and is very beautiful. On the Castel course you play with the sea as your nearest neighbor and a view of Kastelholm Castle. The Castle course hosted the Ladies European Tour 2022.

Kungsbanan is a forest course that alternates open holes with tighter holes and is a partly hilly course. The course is fun to play as it is very varied.

Eckerö Golf

Eckerö Golf has chosen to build four different tees at all holes, which makes the course attractive to both beginners and experienced players.

  • It should be fun to play even if you do not hit the ball that far. From tee 1, for example, the total length will be 3300 meters, while from tee 4 it will be approximately 5800 meters, says Mats Wahlin, chairman at Eckerö Golf.

Fine nature and rich wildlife
Characteristic of Eckerö Golf is that the course is flat and easy to walk. The first nine holes run in an open landscape while the last nine run through the forest.

  • You experience great variations in both nature and wildlife while walking the course, says Wahlin and adds that you can discover pheasants, deer, sea eagles, marmots and dark ponds while playing the course.

Take a break before, after or between the rounds of golf. At the reception there is a kiosk where you can buy coffee, ice cream, beer, sandwiches etc.

Course information
An 18-hole course, clubhouse with reception, new practice area for short games, putting green, driving range with both grass tees and mats.

Eckerö Golf is aimed at golfers of all levels. To give everyone a great golfing experience, the course has four different tees. Thanks to that, beginners, juniors and others get a golf course where it is possible to reach the green in the right number of strokes. From tee 1, the total length is, for example, 3300 meters, while from tee 4 it is approx 5800 meters.

The first nine holes have an open character and are located in a beautyful Åland farming landscape. The last nine holes are a forest course, bordered by pine forest and marshlands. The track is flat and easy to walk.

The course offers challenges for the average golfer, but especially the last nine forest holes also suit elite golfers. It is above all the varied and fine greens that create interest.

Golf package three days - Åland Golf Club and Eckerö Golf

  • Car and passenger tickets with Eckerö Linjen r/t (2 persons/car)
  • Brunch on board
  • Two nights at Hotell Pommern, Mariehamn
  • Breakfast
  • 3 x green fees (Slottsbanan and Kungsbanan at ÅGK and Eckerö Golf)
  • Archipelago buffet
  • Expedition fee

Price example SEK 4829/person

The price example is calculated for 10 people.

Golf package three days. Play three rounds - pay for two at Åland Golf Club!

  • Car and passenger tickets with Eckerö Linjen r/t (2 people/car)
  • Brunch on board
  • Two nights at Hotell Pommern, Mariehamn
  • Breakfast
  • 3 x green fees (Slottsbanan and 2 x Kungsbanan)
  • Archipelago buffet
  • Expedition fee

Price example SEK 4507/person

The price example is calculated for 10 people.