Hem Resepaket Åland Grönskar Spring Festival
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Åland Grönskar Spring Festival

25 May – 26 May 2024

How do you wish to stay during your visit? With us, you can easily and conveniently book accommodation in Mariehamn or in the countryside. We offer a wide range of hotels, guesthouses, and cottages throughout Åland.

Welcome to the spring festival "Åland Grönskar" in May 25-26 when the apple trees are in bloom and the asparagus stems reach towards the sunlight.

Every spring, the association Skördefestens Vänner organizes a fantastic weekend with plenty of lovely excursion destinations and fun activities during the event Åland Grönskar. It's a perfect opportunity to explore and enjoy the lush life on Åland as the month of May bursts into color and fragrance. Indulge in the wonderful delicacy of asparagus served at several farms, cuddle with small cute lambs and other farm animals, enjoy the blossoming apple orchards, and simply immerse yourself in the charm of early summer.

Åland Grönskar is also an excellent opportunity for you as a consumer to meet the producers behind the Åland products. You can mingle with other visitors and try out exciting new delicacies and activities offered. It's simply a weekend full of community, discoveries, and enjoyment in the Åland archipelago!

Learn more about Åland Grönskar at www.alandgronskar.ax

The event is organized by the association Skördefestens Vänner r.f., which also hosts the year's three most delightful events: Åland Grönskar, Skördefesten, and Åland Glimrar, all organized by the association Skördefestens Vänner r.f.