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Bicycle packages suitable for all ages

1 maj 2024 – 31 augusti 2024

Discover Åland by bike, where the distances are short, and the slopes are minimal. You can easily and conveniently book the ferry, accommodations, and bicycles with us.

Price example 3 days 1980:–


  • Passenger tickets round trip with Eckerö Linjen
  • Part of a double room for two night
  • Breakfast
  • Bicycle
  • Helmet
  • Bicycle Bag

The Åland Islands has excellent bike paths suitable for both short and long trips, allowing you to get closer to nature. With short distances, you're always close to the sea. The cycling season kicks off in June and continues through September, so plan your cycling holiday now.

While no one can guarantee the weather, Åland typically enjoys the most hours of sunshine in the Nordic countries during summer. The landscape is relatively flat, and you're never far from the sea.

You can cycle from one parish to the next, and there are rarely long and monotonous distances.

Eva Ramstedt, a blogger at kakkakaffe.com, had an amazing cycling holiday on Åland. You can read about her family's cycling adventure on her blog, [ click here] (http://kakkakaffe.com/2017/july/cykla-pa-aland-2017.html) (kakkakaffe.com, 2017).

Bicycle package: 3 days, starting from Mariehamn

In Åland, you'll find numerous scenic cycle paths, and almost everywhere, there are cycling lanes along the main roads. This package offers you the opportunity to stay at the same accommodation in Mariehamn, making it the perfect starting point for daily bike rides.

1. Järsö Exploration: Discover Järsö, which extends far into the sea with road banks and bridges. Once you arrive, you'll find Stickstugan Café, a charming café, featuring home-baked goodies and a craft shop Read more

2. Ice Cream by Lemström's Canal: Enjoy a must-have summer treat by Lemström's canal. Enjoy a large ice cream from the canal kiosk, which is open from early spring to late autumn. This canal was constructed during the 1880s to facilitate quicker and easier boat passage from the bay of "Slemmern" outside eastern Mariehamn to Åland's inland sea, "Lumparn." Read more

3. Uffe på Berget, the Café with a View: Uffe på Berget can be found in Finström, near the Färjsund Bridge. This café sits atop a mountain with a road tunnel beneath and offers stunning panoramic views in all directions. For those who are daring, there's a 30-meter tower to climb up for even better views.

The list can go on, and for those seeking more challenges, there are numerous excursion destinations within cycling distance.