Hem Resepaket Children's Eckerö with Smart Park

Children's Eckerö with Smart Park

15 june 2024 – 22 august 2024
Price example 3722:–
/4 persons

- Passenger and car ticket r/t
- Accommodation one night at Nalles guesthouse
- Entrence to Smart Park

Visit the family park where playful learning is the big focus. Test electric cars, excavators, ride an old-fashioned carousel, pet animals in the farmhouse and do not miss the park's most popular attraction - the water park "Slaget om Bomarsund".

A family park where playful learning is at big focus. It is all based on pedagogical experiences and the idea is to learn from doing. The park's most popular attraction, the water playground "Slaget om Bomarsund" is a must, so bring your swimwear. The children also like to ride electric ferries on the park's lake, dig in the interactive sandbox, pet the animals at the farm and go to the old-fashioned amusement park with carousels. Among Smart Park's many attractions you also find electric cars and excavators.

Crazy Bugz
Come and try Crazi Bugz! Crazi Bugs are 6-wheel off-road vehicles for children aged 6 and up. Drive the awesome off-road track that goes over hills, logs and through water. The vehicles pull on all 6 wheels and are controlled with a joystick, in the same way as a track cart, which makes it fun to drive as they easily gets through the the terrain well.

There is a restaurant and café in the area. The park is open during the summer and is well suited for a full day visit. Smart Park is located 5 km from the Berghamn ferry berth in Eckerö.

Read more at smartpark.ax

Spark Laser Arena

Spark Laser Arena is located in the same area as the Smart Park. Challenge your family, friends or colleagues and collect points by being as accurate as possible to win! Each player wears a vest with an IR receiver and an IR signal gun. The course is always the same but you can choose between 20 different forms of path. A game takes 18 minutes.

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