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DiscGolf in the archipelago

1 januari 2023 - 31 december 2023
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  • Passenger and car tickets round trip with Eckerö Linjen
  • Part of a double room/cottage for one night

Sharpen your 'throwing arm' and book a disc golf trip to Åland! This experience is suitable for both beginners and passionate disc golfers.

Åland has made significant investments in disc golf, with 17 courses already completed and more in the planning stages. Learn more about the project at discgolfpark.ax

Disc golf is a perfect activity suitable for a wide range of people, from dedicated athletes and groups of friends looking for weekend fun to families with children and couples. The project to create disc golf courses on Åland has been ongoing for many years. The first course was established on the archipelago island of Lappo in Brändö municipality, making it an ideal location for those wanting to venture further into the archipelago.

In Mariehamn, near Västra hamnen, you'll discover Badhusparken, which features a 9-hole course. If you head north by car, you'll reach Getaberget, offering stunning cliffs and panoramic sea views. To find out more about the various courses, visit visitaland.com

How to play
Disc golf is typically played over 9 or 18 holes, with the goal of getting the disc, also known as a frisbee, into a basket located at various distances from the throwing point. Similar to traditional golf, the objective is to complete each hole with as few throws as possible, aiming for PAR. Playing on Åland's disc golf courses is free, there is only one course (Vesterkalmare DGP) that is a pay-to-play course. Otherwise the only requirement is to have your own discs, which you can purchase at most well-stocked sports shops, and even at some grocery stores around Åland. For beginners, a simple disc is sufficient, but as you gain experience, you may want to experiment with different disc types based on the game situation, such as using a lighter disc for longer throws and a heavier disc for shorter ones.

Want to try disc golf without buying your own disc?
Do you want to try disc golf during your holiday trip? In that case, you can borrow a disc at Visit Åland's tourist information on Storagatan 8 in Mariehamn, see opening hours here.

Full day of disc golf - back home at the evening

You can also go to Åland in the morning and have all day for play and you will be back home at the evening. Within walking distance from Eckerö Linjen harbor is Käringsund Disc Golf Park with its 9 baskets. The distances are short on Åland, so wherever you go by car, you can reach a disc golf course within 30 minutes. Read more and see the map of disc golf courses at discgolf.ax

Book your favorite accommodation for your holiday in Åland!

In Åland there are many different accommodation options for all tastes and budgets. You can choose between traditional cottages for a relaxing stay close to nature, charming guesthouses with personal service or hotels with amenities such as a sauna area and restaurants. Whatever your preference, Åland is a wonderful destination that combines nature, culture, and relaxation. Book your trip to Åland with us and experience what our beautiful island has to offer!