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Sport events and run races

Walking, running, swimming, cycling – Åland hosts a variety of races. Select the one that best suits your interests, and you can easily book the hole trip with us.

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/4 persons cabin


  • Passenger and car ticket round trip with Eckerö Linjen
  • 4-persons cottage, 2 nights

Welcome to Åland and challenge yourself by participating in the summer and autumn running races and competitions. Why not consider the Holiday Race, Åland Swim Run, Åland Marathon, or any other exciting race?

In Åland, various races and competitions are organized, offering options for running, jogging, walking, swimming or cycling. These events take place in historical settings and on scenic granite red roads. You can select from races that span just a few kilometers to longer ones covering 170 km.

Sports Events at Åland 2024

5-8/6 Trollningträff Åland 2024, Eckerö
14-19/6 Alandia Cup 2024, Mariehamn
26-29/6 Åland Sport Week
29/6 Käringsundsloppet, Eckerö
13/7 Semesterloppet, Eckerö
23-24/8 Käringsund Triathlon, Eckerö

Click on the links to register for the races.

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