Hem Resepaket Hike long or short trails
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Hike long or short trails

1 januari 2023 - 31 december 2023
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  • Passenger and car tickets round trip with Eckerö Linjen
  • Part of a double room/cottage for one night

The hiking trails provide diverse natural landscapes, where the surroundings transform from dense forests to historical landmarks and offer extensive sea views. You can select a trail that suits your preferences and make reservations for accommodations along the way.

Between 2019 and 2020, significant upgrades were made to 20 hiking trails and paths on Åland. These trails are typically of light to medium difficulty but can offer a wide variety of terrain, including rocky sections. Among these trails, the Lemland Trail stands out, spanning approximately 25 kilometers from Lemströms Kanal to Lumparsund. The Saddle Trail, stretching over 70 kilometers, runs from Hammarland to Geta via Finström. The longest of these routes, S:t Olof's Trail, begins at Turku Cathedral in Finland, winds through the Åland archipelago, crosses mainland Åland, and continues into Sweden, where it connects to the Viking Trail, Helgonleden, and Stråsjöleden. S:t Olofsleden eventually leads to Nidaros, now Trondheim, in Norway.

For those who prefer smaller paths, there are also options available. Special equipment is not required, but it's advisable to wear good shoes, as the ground can sometimes be wet. Many of these nature trails are located within nature reserves.

You can easily access information about the routes and available services along the hiking trails using a digital map. Digital hiking maps are also accessible for areas like Prästö, Bomarsund, Lemböte, and nature reserves including Björkör, Jungfruskär, and Sålis. Familiarize yourself with the paths and trails by clicking on the [respective map.] (https://experience.arcgis.com/experience/67697fc9eed74133aecb4b72dd348d12){@blank}

Stay along the trail

Book your accommodation along the trail for a restful night's sleep before continuing your hike. Åland offers a variety of options, including cottages, guesthouses, and hotels to suit all preferences and budgets. Explore the available accommodation choices and plan a delightful hiking adventure in Åland.