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Sponsorship is an important marketing channel for Eckerö Linjen with the purpose of creating business value and driving the brand in the right direction.

The sponsor application should include a shared commitment and provide mutual benefit to both you and Eckerö Linjen.

Eckerö Linjen sponsorship extends over several different areas and it is important to always reach the target groups that are relevant to us with the sponsorship.

__Sample Audience: __
- sports associations
- other compounds, e.g. art, culture, music
- events
- seniors
- tourist activities in Åland

We strive to build up an more long-term sponsorship and cooperation with tailor-made solutions, but even smaller projects can be interesting depending on event and
target group.

Sponsorship applications are processed by Eckerö Linjen as soon as possible.

When applying for sponsorship you should consider the following:

1) The application is a basis for any further discussion
2) Define your target event
3) Describe in detail what benefit Eckerö Linjrn has of the sponsorship
4) Provide clear contact information as we always intend to answer all applications (contact person, address, phone number and email address)
5) Enter the Association/club /organization's name, area of activity, type of sponsorship (ongoing activities, support advertising, events, other), about the event (date, place, number of visits), how would the cooperation look like, what benefit can Eckerö Linjen achieve through this sponsorship, what type of sponsorship are you looking for, what does Eckerö Linjen receive as a sponsor (advertising space, tickets, visibility in media), have you applied for sponsor funds from another company (which?), have you received previous sponsorship from Eckerö Linjen (what type)?

Email your application to [] (mailto: