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Jakobsberg/ Upplands Väsby/ Rimbo

Enjoy a day filled with great food, entertainment, fresh sea breeze, and stunning views. Book your day cruise now and experience a day of adventure and relaxation on the Åland Sea!
Online price bus + ferry round trip 200:– /person

Enjoy a fantastic day on the Åland Sea with a wide view of the ocean. Travel easily and comfortably to the ferry with any of our connecting buses. On board the M/S Eckerö, delicious food, shopping, entertainment, and the fresh sea air await. The ferry trip with M/S Eckerö takes only 2 hours one way.

This bus can be booked until 09.00 on the same day as your travel for departure at 15.00 and until 20.00 the day before departure at 10.00, subject to availability.

For best price – book online!

Price 1/6-31/8 2024
Online deal! Bus + ferry round trip SEK 200.
Regular price for bus + ferry round trip SEK 230, call +46 (0) 175-258 00.

Price from 1/9 2024
Online deal! Bus + ferry round trip SEK 180.
Regular price for bus + ferry round trip SEK 210, call +46 (0) 175-258 00.

Bus from Jakobsberg

Ferry departure 10.00

Bus stop Day Departure Return
Jakobsberg Bus terminal stop R Tue, Sat 07.10 17.15
Kallhäll station stop E Tue, Sat 07.20 17.05
Kallhäll stop Kolarängsvägen Tue, Sat 07.25 17.00
Infra City, Breddenvägen Tue, Sat 07.35 16.50
Upplands Väsby Station stop I Tue, Sat 07.40 16.40
Tolanvägen (road crossing Vallentuna) Tue, Sat 07.45 16.35
Vallentuna Station stop D Tue, Sat 08.00 16.20
Roslagsstoppet, Söderhall stop by E18 Tue, Sat 08.25 16.00
Rimbo Station stop F Tue, Sat 08.40 15.45
Sättraby Tue, Sat 08.55 15.15.30

Ferry departure 15.00, traffic during 9/5-1/10

Bus stop Day Departure Return
Jakobsberg Bussterminal stop R Thu 12.10 22.15
Kallhäll station stop E Thu 12.20 22.05
Kallhäll stop Kolarängsvägen Thu 12.25 22.00
Infra City, Breddenvägen Thu 12.35 21.50
Upplands Väsby Station stop I Thu 12.45 21.40
Tolanvägen, by crossing Vallentuna Thu 12.50 21.35
Vallentuna Station stop D Thu 13.05 21.20
Roslagsstoppet, Söderhalls trafikplats by E18 Thu 13.25 21.00
Rimbo Station stop F Thu 13.40 20.45
Sättraby Thu 13.55 20.30

The bus must be pre-booked. Arrive at the bus stop you have booked at least 10 minutes before the bus's departure time. When boarding the bus, refer to the booking number. You will then redeem your boarding card at the terminal in Grisslehamn.

Subject to possible changes.

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