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Buffet breakfast

Get a better start to the day and enjoy a large breakfast. Crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, yogurt, sandwiches and much more.
Online price 129:– /person

Get a better start at your day and enjoy a tasty breakfast. We are very keen to serve good alternatives and as always we use products from small scale producers in our local area.

Archipelago breakfast in Buffé Bornholm

Enjoy a large breakfast buffet in the restaurant Bornholm. Choose from charcuterie and cold cuts, cheeses, cold-smoked salmon, different kinds of yoghurts, crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, Karelian pie and much more.

The buffet breakfast is served at 08.00 departure from Eckerö every day. On popular departures, the breakfast buffet is served in two settings.

Price online SEK 129
Regular price SEK 161

Children dine at a discounted price. Kindly note that a seat must be reserved in the restaurant for children of all ages. Meals on board can be booked online (at the web price) or by phone (at the regular price) until the day before departure. Additionally, meals can be purchased on board at the regular price, subject to availability in the restaurant.

The taste is most important!

M/S Eckerö's chef handles all purchases of food purchase for the kitchen and they are constantly working to find local producers to work with. In this way, they build up a close contact with the suppliers and are given the opportunity to participate and check the quality of the product. Knowing the history of the product leads to a good end product.

Good coffee from Lindvalls in Uppsala
On board you can enjoy a good cup of coffee from Lindvall's Coffee. In the 1880s, the young Eric Lindvall leaves his home in the village of Undenäs in search of work. He's wandering north. In the small town of Tierp, he falls in love with Josefina, a shoemaker's daughter. They married in 1891 and together they started buying and selling spices, tea and coffee. The family later moves to Uppsala. Where Kungsgatan meets Strandbogatan, they find the perfect property right next to the railway. The new coffee factory was built here and is located in exactly the same place today, five generations later.

Yogurt or sour milk from ÅCA, Ålandsmejeriet
In the dairy, milk from the farms around at Åland is processed into good products. Due to the small size of the island, they know the farmers well and know that the milk is always of the best quality. Because the milk is transported such short distances, the milk is also very fresh when it arrives at the dairy, which provides the best conditions for creating tasty yoghurt, sour milk, butter and cheese.

Eggs from Roslagen
For breakfast, we serve eggs from Roslagsägg in Östhammar municipality. By choosing eggs from them, we always get fresh eggs directly to M/S Eckerö. The eggs come from free range, KRAV-producing hens that strolls around outside and peck around among green grass.

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