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Import rules

This you can buy and take with you ashore free of duty.

Customs regulation
Travelers arriving from Åland to Sweden or from Sweden to Åland are covered by the same quantity and value limits for duty free import as travelers from a country outside the EU. When traveling abroad for at least 20 hours, you may bring one of the following options free of duty.

Option 1
Liquor over 22 %, 1 liter
Wines up to 15 %, 4 liters
Beer, 16 liters

Option 2
Strong wines 15–22 %, 2 liters
Wines up to 15 %, 4 liters
Beer, 16 liters

200 cigarettes or 100 cigarillos or 50 cigars or 250 grams of smoking tobacco.

Other items
At a total value of SEK 4 300. Snuff is included in this value, applies when departing to Sweden, also applies nicotine pouches.

Snuff import to Åland max 1 kg per person. For nicotine pouches, see the Finnish Customs website,

Age regulations
To Sweden:
Strong alcohol, strong wines, wine and beer 20 years. Tobacco products 18 years.

To Åland:
Strong alcohol 20 years. Strong wines, wine and beer and tobacco products 18 years.