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Bromma/ Kista/ Åkersberga

Day cruise to Åland Islands – bus and boat ticket r/t SEK 130 when booking online, SEK 160 when booking by phone at 0175-25800.
Online price bus + boat r/t 130:– /person

Welcome on a day cruise over the sea to Åland. On board M/S Eckerö you can enjoy good food, shopping and of course the fantastic sea view. The voyage only takes 2 hours one way.

This bus can be booked until 09.00 on the same day as of travel for departure at 15.00 and until 20.00 the day before departure at 10.00.

For best price – book online!

Price 9/1–15/6 2023
Price online! Bus + boat r/t SEK 130.
Bus + boat r/t SEK 160, phone +46 (0) 175-258 00.

Price 16/6–13/8 2023
Online price! Bus + boat r/t SEK 170.
Bus + boat r/t SEK 200, phone +46 (0) 175-258 00.

Bus from Bromma

Ferry departure 10.00

Departure from Day Departure time Back home
Brommaplan Bus stop H Wed 06.40 17.50
Vällingby Centrum Kirunaplan hpl C Wed 06.50 17.40
Spånga Station Wed 06.55 17.35
Kista Centrum Bus stop B Wed 07.10 17.20
Sollentuna Station Bus stop K Wed 07.15 17.15
Täby Kyrkby trafikplats Wed 07.30 17.00
Åkersberga Bus stop D Wed 07.50 16.40
Roslagskulla kyrka Wed 08.15 16.15
Vettershaga crossroad Wed 08.25 16.05
Bergshamra, Mora vägskäl Wed 08.40 15.50

Ferry departure 15.00

Departure from Day Departure time Back home
Brommaplan Bus stop H Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 11.40 22.50
Vällingby Centrum Kirunaplan hpl C Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 11.50 22.40
Spånga Station Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 11.55 22.35
Kista Centrum Bus stop B Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 12.10 22.20
Sollentuna Station Bus stop K Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 12.15 22.15
Täby Kyrkby trafikplats Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 12.30 22.00
Åkersberga Bus stop D Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 12.50 21.40
Roslagskulla kyrka Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 13.15 21.15
Vettershaga crossroad Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 13.25 21.05
Bergshamra, Mora vägskäl Sat (even Thur during 11/5-28/9) 13.40 20.50

The bus must be pre-booked. Arrive at the bus stop that you have booked at least 10 minutes before the departure time of the bus. When boarding the bus, refer to the booking number. You then redeem your boarding card at the terminal in Grisslehamn.

Subject to possible changes.

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Duty-free Shopping

Check out the best deals at perfumes, jewelers, sweets and delicious drinks in our well stocked Duty-free shop Magasin Märket.

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Start the journey by eating good food made from local ingredients in one of our restaurants on board M/S Eckerö.

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Entertainment and guest artists

Go on a day cuise and enjoy live music every day of the week! Our cruise hosts and guest musicians keep the mood at its best.

Bus + boat r/t 130:– /person
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