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Eckerö Linjen food philosophy

On board M/S Eckerö we pride ourselves by using mostly locally produced ingredients. The passion and love for good food is our food philosophy.

Season and availability of localy produced ingredients is the basis when we make our menus. We prefer to make our meals from localy produced ingredients and prefer smaller producers so we can create food experienses that yuo will never forget, says Jocke, head chef on board M/S Eckerö.

Differnet menus depending on season
The food served in the ship's restaurants is classic and traditional cuisine with elements of new flavors and exciting combinations. We variate the theme depenting och seasone and what ingredients we can get. The themes in the buffet are archipelago buffet during spring and summer,the easter buffet, game buffet during autumn, the great Christmas buffet and New Years buffet. The buffet restaurant is complemented by an à la carte restaurant with well composed dishes and high quality wines. In addition, there is a café with traditional meals, sandwiches, pastrys and much more.

In the kitchen, everyone is equal
The work in the ship kitchen is led by three head chefs. In addition, 5-12 chefs on the warm side and 3–7 chefs on the cold side that makes starters and dessert. The atmosphere is familiar and everyone helps each other where needed. That's how Jocke wants it.

Paul Svensson inspires
How do you keep motivated and where can you find inspiration to develop and create new dishes?

  • We follow trends, discuss ideas and work continuously by to inspire each other with creating good food experiences. As an example, we have had the privilege of working on a couple of occasions with one of Sweden's best chefs, Paul Svensson. The focus was on the visual experience where Paul inspired to create attractive arrangements with simple tricks. It should taste good, but it is also important that the food is a pleasure for the eye.

  • Our waiters are happy to give you tips on drinking and wine. We have a collaboration with the Italian vineyard Zonin, whose wines are found on board as "Ship's Wine" and "Captain's Choice". In addition, we cooperate with local suppliers such as the Åland beer brewery Stallhagen and the Swedish whiskey manufacturer Mackmyra.

Knowledge, good ingredients and our chefs' passion for food are important. Or as Jocke summarizes it: - It should taste good for real.

We strive to reduce food waste

Food waste is food that is thrown away that could otherwise have been eaten, unlike peel waste and bones that is not meant to be eaten, such as peels, bones, kernels and coffee grounds.

Food should of course always taste good, and look good but it also has to do good.Food production around the world causes a large environmental impact and not everyone has access to enough food. Producing and cooking food that is then thrown away is an unsustainable waste. One of the U.N's global sustainability goals is to halve food waste by 2030. Eckerö Linjen wants to be involved in striving to achieve this goal.

For a long time, Eckerö Linjen has had a strong focus on choosing local ingredients of good quality. Through a more active effort to inspire to better take care of the food and throw away less, Eckerö Linjen can contribute to the food being enough for more people without increasing the environmental impact. The most environmentally friendly food is the one that is eaten!

You as a guest on board M/S Eckerö can help us reduce food waste by:
• Pre-book your meal so we can more easily plan how much food we will cook for the day. You also get a lower price for the meal in the buffet when booking in advance online.
• In Kafé Käringsund where home cooked meals is portioned, please tell us how much portion you can eat. You can always get more if you don't get full!
• Enjoy the good food in Buffet Restaurant Bornholm, rather go two or more times to get food from the buffet then take more then you can eat at the first time.

If you have questions about the food served on board, do not hesitate to contact us!

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Kafé Käringsund and play ground

In Kafé Käringsund we serve traditional Scandinavian food, shrimp sandwiches, barbeque meals, pastries, coffee and ice cream.

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Bistro Byholma

In Bistro Byholma, upstairs from Kafé Käringsund, hamburgers and sirloin steak are served, as well as coffee and cold drinks.

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Buffet Bornholm

Enjoy good food and a milevide sea view. In Buffet Bornholm you can enjoy a rich buffet with delicacies from both forest and sea.

Christmas buffet from 365:– /person
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Restaurant Rospiggen

Enjoy delicious food with wines carefully selected to suit each dish. Our à la carte restaurant is the obvious choice for anyone…

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