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Archipelago buffet

Our popular archipelago buffet is set up 2/4-22/8, offering Swedish and Åland delicacies such as creamy salmon, various herring dishes, black bread, cold cuts, sausages from Musko Rökeri, and much more.
Online price from 335:– /person

Archipelago buffet

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At our archipelago buffet, we offer a variety of delicacies from our local producers. Our buffet is a symphony of flavors where you can enjoy both classic favorites and exciting new dishes from sea and land.

On the fish side, you'll find, among others, cured salmon with mustard dill sauce and a flavorful salmon pâté, warm smoked salmon, a variety of herring, classic matjes herring, delicious creamy salmon, and traditional herring salad. For those seeking vegetarian options, there are cold smoked tofu and Svill, along with a plentiful array of accompaniments such as eggs, flavorful salads, and assorted pickles.

On the cold meat buffet, we entice you with an equally impressive array of delights. From spicy chorizo to honey-glazed pork and Musko sausage with its characteristic flavor. On the warm buffet, you'll find, among others, goat cheese gratinated beets, BBQ ribs, salmon with hollandaise sauce, and our mouth-watering calf roast beef that melts in your mouth. Here, you'll also find a variety of accompaniments such as roasted vegetables, potato gratin, and classic sauces to complement your meal perfectly.

When it's time for sweets, our dessert table will not disappoint you. You'll find a well-stocked cheese platter with a variety of exciting cheeses, Åland pancake with prune jam, delightful cakes, and ice cream to conclude a fantastic meal.

The archipelago buffet is served from April 2nd to August 22nd, 2024.

Online price SEK 335
Regular price SEK 365

Children have the privilege of enjoying their meals at a more favorable price. To secure a chair for children, regardless of age, a reservation is required at the restaurant. Meals onboard can easily be booked online at web prices or by phone at regular prices until the day before departure. You can also purchase your meal on board at regular price, provided there is availability in the restaurant. Please note that beverages for the meal are not included in the price and should be ordered and paid for on site.

Are you a group of 10 people or more?
For groups, there are extra advantages in the buffet. For price information and reservations, call 0175-258 00/press 3 (Sweden) or 018-28300 (Åland).

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