M/S Eckerö is operating according to the regular timetable. For information about traveling during the pandemic,click here
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Current information about traveling during pandemic

We want you to be able to enjoy a safe journey with us and have taken a number of measures for you and our staff's safety.

Updated: 2021–09-29, 12.30

It is allowed for everyone to go on a cruise to Åland r/t without getting off on Åland. Everyone who is healthy and symptom free is welcome on board! We want to offer you both a safe and pleasant voyage. We follow the Public Health Agency of Swedens restrictions and the Swedish Government's five-step phasing out plan for the restrictions regarding the coronavirus.

Below we have gathered common questions and answers below concerning how the corona virus affects travel with M/S Eckerö. We reserve the right to change our routines, our timetable or anything else relating to our service at short notice.

Safety measures on board

ID document
Please note that passengers must always carry valid identity, including a photograph, which can be presented on the passage if required. Due to stricter border controls the identity of all travellers will be checked upon entry to Sweden and Åland. Minors under the age of 18 travelling in the company of a parent or guardian who can show a valid identity document are not included in the ID requirement.

Information about the harbour terminals
Both the terminal in Grisslehamn and Eckerö are now cash-free. Hand sanitizer is available at strategic locations and there are signs and announcements to remind travellers about social distancing.

Connection buses
We follow the directives of the Public Health Agency of Sweden, which means that we do not have a limited number of passengers on our connecting buses. Those restrictions were lifted off 15 July regarding long-distance public transport by bus and train. Timetable and bus stops, click here.

Eckerö Linjen staff has undergone infection prevention training
All Eckerö Line staff in the terminals and on board have undergone infection prevention training. The staff also perform self-checks every morning for symptoms.

What do you do to ensure that your travellers keep social distancing rules and otherwise to prevent the spread of infection on board?
The maximum capacity of guests on board is still limited. We urge travellers to remember social distancing.

We limit and control all passenger flows in the terminals during bordning and disembarkation. We also do announcements in the speakers where we tell in what order disembarkation will take place. Guests with car on board will go to their vehicles first while others stay where they are. We then do disembarkation deck by deck.

Payments on board
We encourage card payments at all time.

Information about restaurants
We have reduced the number of chairs and remind people to maintain their distance with clear visual markings.

In the buffet restaurant, protective plexiglass has been mounted over the buffet and hand sanitisers should be used when selecting food. There is also table service of drinks, except from brunch when you can bring your own drink/coffee from dispenser.

In Kafé Käringsund, pastries and sandwiches are individually packed and you can choose disposable cutlery.

Click here to see our restaurants opening hours.

Information about the duty free shop
Hand desinfection is available outside the shop and we reminde you about maintaining social distancing. There is two checkout open for cash payments, and the other checkouts only accept card payments. Plexiglas has been installed at all checkouts.

Click here to see our taxfree deals

Information about entertainment
Our cruise hosta are on board and entertains you with music, quizz and more fun. Se cruise hosts schedule here

What kind of cleaning routines do you have on board?
We have intensified the cleaning routines in our terminals and aboard. We clean the surfaces our guests come into contact with more frequently, including door handles, stair rails, card terminals and other exposed surfaces.

Can passengers be infected via the ventilation system on board?
According to the Institute for Health and Welfare and the Public Health Authority, the coronavirus is primarily a drip infection that spreads when an infected person coughs or sneezes. The virus can also be transmitted via direct contact. The virus does not survive in the air. The on-board ventilation systems operate using 100 % fresh air.

What if someone is suspected of being infected on board?
We welcome guests and staff who are symptom-free and healthy on board. Should there, nonetheless, be a suspected case of illness, we have clear procedures for dealing with different types of infection on board. All measures are based on government directives and are determined in consultation with the authorities.
If a passenger exhibits symptoms of infection that could be Corona, or any other infectious disease, the person in question can be isolated in a cabin on board the ferry until arrival. Any corona tests are carried out by the medical authorities ashore.

Is it possible for me to remain in the car during the voyage?
No, for safety reasons it is not possible to remain in the car during the voyage.

Re-booking / cancellation of a trip
You can read more about our booking and cancellation terms here: